Roku Language Change – Roku Has Users From Various Countries!

As Roku has various tongue users, its designers have made it convenient for them for a Roku language changeMoreover, this can be quickly done using the Roku remote in a few minutes. And this blog discusses how to change the language in the Roku remote.

  • Further, Roku users can change the language used on the Roku device in the Settings menu.
  • Similarly, they can also set the preferred language for closed captions in the Settings menu.
  • Just search for the closed caption language settings from the “Captions” section.

On the other hand, they can configure the Roku to work in whichever language they wish.

Moreover, Roku has two distinct language settings: the Roku’s interface language and the language applied in subtitles for shows and blockbuster films. And the users can control each separately. Now let’s see how to change the language on the Roku device using the Roku remote.

How To Change The Language On The Roku Streaming Player?

The following guidelines can assist you in changing the language on the Roku device:

Roku Language Change

  • The users can change the Roku device’s language in Settings.
  • Firstly, use the Roku remote control and hold the Home button to obtain the home screen.
  • After that, choose the Settings option.
  • Under that, the users must choose the System option.
  • Next, choose the Language from the options that are available there.
  • Finally, choose the language that you wish on the Roku to display.
  • And that’s how to perform the Roku language change process.
  • Simple! The users can select the language that they wish to use the remote control of the Roku device.

How Can The Users Change The Language Of Subtitles On The Roku Streaming Player?

The following guidelines can help you to change the language of subtitles on the Roku streaming player:

  • First of all, make use of the Roku remote control, and tap the Home button to acquire the home screen on the TV.
  • After that, the users must choose the settings option from the other options available.
  • On the other hand, choose Captions.
  • Now, the users must select the Captions menu
  • Next, on the Captions Stylescreen, make sure to select Captions preferred language.
  • At last, choose the language you wish to make use of closed captions.
  • That’s all; Roku language change for subtitles has been completed.

How To Change The Language On The Roku Device?

Opt for the language that you need to use for captions on the “Captions preferred language” screen. Also, remember that not all content has captions, so the users cannot view any captions on specific content, even if it’s chosen and turned on. Roku language change is easy and simple using the above steps.

How To Change The Subtitle Size And Style?

The coming up guidelines can help you to change the size and style of the subtitles on the Roku device:

  • At first, the users must navigate to the Main Menu of the Roku device’s homepage
  • After that, choose Settings and search for the Accessibility and then make sure to choose the Captions Style
  • On this sub-menu, the users can find many options for subtitles like text style, edge effect, size, color, opacity, etc.
  • At last, ensure that you select the style of the preferred subtitles.
  • This completes the process of changing the size and style of the subtitles.

If you need to know more about the language settings or theme settings or Roku language changethen you can feel free to contact our technical expert squad by dialing the toll-free number +1-820-300-0450 or visit support.


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