With the turnaround in the entertainment sector, new kinds and modes of entertainment have cropped up. Today, entertainment is best served by streaming sticks. Roku is a premier streaming company catering limitless entertainment to its subscribers, including streaming sticks. Majority of the Roku.com/link setup steps are common to all the models of streaming devices.

Why Choose Roku Streaming Devices

  • There are small in size and are portable
  • Roku is cheap and is affordable
  • There are several models available
  • Roku offers numerous channels

 Models Available

There are five models of Roku streaming device currently available.

  • Roku Express
  • Express Plus
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Stick Plus
  • Roku Ultra

Express and Express Plus

Roku Express is a basic model providing great streaming experience on your big-screen TV.  These devices can be connected to any current generation televisions that have HDMI ports. The Roku Express Plus model features are similar to the Roku Express and additionally, this shall be connected to the television sets that are not having the HDMI ports.

Roku Streaming Stick and Stick Plus

Streaming Stick and Stick Plus models stream in three quality – 4K, HDR and HD. These devices support wireless connectivity option and moreover, have the option of voice search using the Roku remote. The viewers can easily control the remotes using the TV power and volume buttons.

Roku Ultra Model

This is the prime Roku streaming device model. It supports HD or 4K HDR and has the dual-band Wi-Fi and voice search features. Roku Ultra also has a provision for Ethernet port to be used in more stable wired connections, a JBL ear-buds headphone jack on the remote that allows private listening option. And additionally, a host of other add-ons features like MicroSD support, a USB slot, a remote finder, gaming buttons on the remote, and also a night listening mode.

Roku.com/link Setup

The setup process is mandatory to activate a Roku streaming device. Mostly, the primary Roku.com/link setup procedures are similar for all the Roku streaming devices and there may be some variations in the lateral setup steps of the Roku streaming devices based on their models and features. You will get to know about the primary setup that is common in all the Roku streaming models.

Roku.com/link Setup
Roku.com/link Setup

How To Set Up Roku Using Roku.com/link?

Following are the instructions for the Roku Setup

  • In the first place, unbox your Roku streaming player
  • Make sure, you have received all the components and the instruction manual
  • Then, link your Roku streaming player to your TV through the HDMI cables or the other composite cable
  • Moreover, if you Roku streaming player has an Ethernet port utilize the Ethernet cable and connect your player to the router
  • Next, link a power connector to your Roku streaming device and likewise, link the power adapter to a power socket
  • Additionally, some Roku streaming devices can be directly connected to the USB port using the USB cable
  • Furthermore, slid open the battery lid of your Roku remote and place the batteries appropriately
  • Please ensure to use a fresh battery in the remote for better results
  • Then, check if the correct TV input is chosen on your TV and power on your TV
  • Consequently, your Roku player is ON and the Roku logo will pop up on your TV screen
  • Now, you have to choose a language that you prefer
  • Using your remote navigate the available languages and press on OK to choose a language
  • Subsequently, pick a wireless network from the list. After selecting a network, authenticate it with your credentials
  • Additionally, ensure that you use the same network connectivity in the device to which you are connecting your Roku
  • Once your network authentication process is over, the Roku player should connect to the network instantaneously
  • Consequently, the Roku will verify and update its software.
  • Software updating is a vital process and it facilitates the streaming through the Roku device
  • Thereafter, your Roku will automatically proceed to the next step of choosing the display resolution
  • Users can manually change the display resolution, do so by going to Settings > Display type

Roku Account Creation

  • Next, you have to create a Roku account. It is mandatory to have a Roku account to enjoy the Roku services
  • Roku account creation and activation is very simple and if you want to subscribe to paid channels you will have to share your credit card or PayPal particulars during the Roku account creation
  • Furthermore, go to the website my.roku.com/link to get the Roku activation code and follow the screen prompts to complete the Roku.com/link setup process

The Roku setup process is complete! If you come across technical difficulties in Roku setup and activation, contact our team of technical support on our toll-free line +1-820-300-0450 or visit Go.roku.com/technical support site.


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