Roku Video Streaming Issues

If you are in trouble and do not know how to resolve Cannot see the video from your Roku and Roku video streaming issues, the guidelines are here to read, Troubleshoot Roku video streaming issues; else it’s hard to proceed with streaming

Understand the reason and cause to proceed. Before selecting a video for streaming, it’s always good to verify the video formats

Common Errors

  • Unable to hear the audio
  • Video not visible
  • Video buffering and loading issues

“Cannot see the video from your Roku”. What causes video streaming issues?

Cannot see the video from your Roku
Cannot see the video from your Roku

Common Reasons that Cause Video Streaming Issues

  • The wrong input port selected (HDMI an audio/Video Input)
  • Wrong video and file formats selected
  • Wrong audio and video settings
  • Power and connection issues
  • Poor and inactive network connection
  • Using a streaming gadget and TV that doesn’t work
  • Active standby and screen saver mode
  • Hardware connection problems and faulty cables used

If you cannot see the video from your Roku, use the available tips and tricks below

Check the Hardware Connections

Connecting the device to the power source is essential to operate the device

  • Hence, check the cable connection
  • Always fix the cables firmly to the device
  • Free your device from power fluctuations and power issues
  • Do not allow your device to go offline
  • Ensure that you do not turn on or enable the screen saver mode
  • It’s recommended not to use faulty cables. Purchase a new cable that can offer better output. Latest reviews posted can guide to select the best brands

Select the Exact Input Port

  • To connect Roku streaming device to the TV, find the appropriate HDMI port and  for latest models, HDMI 1 and HDM1 2 ports are compatible
  • For old TV models, select the composite audio-video port
  • Not to mention, other ports are also available and it’s your interest to select the compatible one
  • Input
  • Source
  • AUX
  • Video
  • TV/Video
  • Video IN 1

If the existing port is not compatible, select a different port

Video Buffering Issues

Secure your device with an active network

  • Videos can be streamed at a good speed. The high speed and secure network plays the role
  • Switch to an alternate network connection, if the existing network doesn’t work
  • Disconnect the device from the network and connect it back again

Unable to hear the audio

  • Volume settings can be verified if you cannot hear the video. Adjust the volume to the required level
  • If you prefer using composite audio video cable, check the connectors
  • Select the matching port to fix the cable
  • Also, change the audio-video port if necessary
  • Use audio-video receivers or soundbars to receive better audio output

To select the audio settings

  • Use your Roku remote > Navigate to the menu bar > Click on the option, audio > Set the mode as per your  requirements
  • Remember that the settings may defer and depend on the model. Refer the setup manual to get an idea
  • Stereo or PCM Stereo mode can offer better streaming output

Reset your device

  • To perform a quick device reset, disconnect the device from the input port, remove the cables connected and deactivate the network connection
  • Soft, hard and factory reset methods are compatible for Roku gadgets

Video and Audio Formats

 Do not forget to check the video and audio formats. Error messages may popup on your screen if the formats are not compatible

Audio and video formats supported on Roku

 Find the list of audio and video formats supported on Roku

  • Video- H.264/AVC ( MKV, MP 4 and MOV)
  • Audio- AAC, MP3 , WMA ,FLAC, PCM
  • Playlists- M3U, M3u8, and PLS

What if the Errors Remain after Troubleshooting?

Do not worry or get panic, if you are not able to get the required output, it’s better to purchase a new device at the earliest

Select the compatible troubleshooting guide. Roku streamers who do not know how to fix these issue”Cannot see the video from your Roku” can get help from Roku customer support @ +1-866-800-1476 or visit support site

Stream the latest and most entertaining videos now on Roku….. Enjoy streaming….


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